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YiCAT Online Translation Management Platform is a corpus-based big data online translation management platform independently developed by Shanghai Yizhe Information Technology Co., Ltd. The platform has the characteristics of simple and smooth actions, with multi-language and multi-format support, a massive high-quality TM and TB, real-time control of translation project progress, efficient team management and multi-person collaborative translation, document splitting and task assignment, translation and edition synchronization, MT+PE and so on.


Main Features

  • Relying on the global mass of high-quality TM and TB

Providing Tmxmall qSearch database, TM and TB Cloud Manager, TM Marketplace and TM ROBOT massive high-quality TM and supporting users' real-time research.

  • Free research of thousands of terms

The TM Cloud Manager's invocation of TB is to accurately identify terms within milliseconds and to ensure the consistency of the target.

  • 12 MT engine + post-editing editing modes

Accessing to Google Translate, Baidu Translate, Alibaba Translate, Mr. Translator, Youdao Translate, Sogou Translate, NiuTrans, Bing Microsoft Translate, CloudTranslation, aws, DeepL, Yandex and Ali MT for Specific Domain Translation engine, MT+PE and starting a new mode of human-computer interaction.

  • Analyzing files and locking repetitions in one step

Independent research and development of the intelligent algorithm, accurate word counting, supporting repetitions/cross-file repetitions locking to achieving an efficient document processing.

  • Controlling the whole process of translation project

Following up the project progress at any time, coordinating project members in time, and no longer missing the delivery time.

  • Team management and multi-person real-time collaborative translation

Multiple people including administrators, project managers, resource managers, translators and editors can make collaborate translation on the same page achieving the synchronization of translation and, edition and the systematic realization of a complete translation process.

  • Translation process fluency

Tens of thousands of users can work at the same time with a high concurrency architecture design, millisecond response time, and a fluent translation experience.

Supported file format

45 files are supported for enterprise version and 48 files are supported for Enterprise Edition (exclusive pdf, idml, zip), includes: doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, rtf, txt, vsdx, ods, ots, odg, odp, otp, odt, ott, sxw, stw, sxi, sti, sxc, stc, sxd, std, dwg, dxf, yml, json, xml, php, yaml, properties, po, html, htm, dita, ditamap, xliff, xliff, sdlxliff, sdlxliff, txml, txml, txml and txml.

Supported Languages

Support 46 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Myanmar, Indonesian, Cambodian, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Malay, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Hebrew, Slovak, Latin Czech, Bengali, Armenian, polish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian, Hindi, Tibetan, Uyghur, Yi, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Albanian.

File size and word limit

Maximum uploaded file size: 50m for team version and 200m for enterprise version.

The maximum uploaded number of files is 50, 000 words for the team version and 200, 000 words for the enterprise version.