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Quick Assign Tasks

In addition to assigning tasks separately, the project manager of Enterprise Edition can also quickly bulk assign tasks in the project.

How to assign

Click Projects Management - Project List - Details - File to enter the file list interface. Then, click Quick Assign to start the bulk assignment.


Quick Assign

1. In the Quick Assign pop-up, select the document to be assigned, and click OK .


  1. Assigned and unpaid files are not accessible to bulk assign. The table only shows files not split and already paid.
  2. Only one type of task can be assigned at a time. If the current project workflow is Translation + Editing , you can switch the workflow and then assign tasks.

Alt2. In the member selection pop-up, select the translator or editor responsible for the task, and click OK .

AltAlt3. After assigning tasks, click Task Details below the Task Management column in the File List to view details.