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Termbases (TBs)

You can enable the existing TB or create a new TB before or after creating a project. Or enable TB as the QA TB.

1. When no project is created, you can click Projects Management - Projects (Enterprise Edition) - Create project to enter the creation page. You can enable the TB in the TBs tab at the bottom of the creation page.

2. If you need to add a new TB after creating a project, you can select Projects Management - Projects (Enterprise Edition) - Details - Settings. After entering the project settings page, you can re-enable the TB, and then click Save at the bottom of the page to update the project settings.


Create TB

Click Create TB on the right side of the interface, and the following pop-up window will show automatically. Fill in the TB name, import the TB file and select the language pairs, and then click Save to create a TB successfully. If you do not have a matched local TB file, you can skip importing TB, and create an empty TB.

Note: Only tbx, xls, xlsx files or txt files delimited by tabs with the size no more than 10MB can be imported into TB.


Enable TBs

If you already have a TB, you can drag select the lower switch to enable the TB. The project enabled TB will automatically present the matching results during translation or editing.